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The Underlying Psychology of Sara's Rib Pain

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Psychogenic Pain Workshop - Sara's Rib Pain

The Psychology of Pain when it is a Metaphor for Anger!

A LEARNING EXPERIENCE YOU WILL NEVER FORGET if you work with pain clients. This DVD Set is a must.

DVD #1 - Return one year after treatment for bird and feather phobia for Right Rib Pain, hypnosis review, frustration, glove anesthesia, cell memory and regression.

DVD #2 - Second Session – The pain returns, anger, rage investigation, ab reactions, and relief. Third session not needed. Two years later she continues to be pain free.

THIS LEARNING TOOL was designed to help hypnotists interested in working with pain management understand how to deal with bizarre behaviors and unusual complaints in a very 1, 2, 3 step-by-step approach of investigation and client focus. You will find this informative, enjoyable, and a learning experience that will convince you that you can work with pain clients.

Psychogenic pain is a term that was used to refer to real physical pain that is caused by a psychological problem. It is now known as a pain disorder associated with psychological factors. Some types of mental or emotional problems can cause pain. They can also increase or prolong pain. Headaches, muscle pains, back pain, and stomach pains are some of the most common types of psychogenic pain.

Sara was seen by me one year prior complaining of a phobia of birds and feathers. She is a school teacher who often had panic attacks and anxiety reactions caused by her fear which resolved during four hypnosis sessions. However, I was surprised when she said her Fibromyalgia had quit bothering her also. No mention has been made of this on her intake sheet or during her interview. When seen a year later she was still free of Fibromyalgia. But, she found another outlet for past anger and rage.

At this appointment she presents with an upper right side rib pain. Prior to this visit she had multiple physician appointments with no relief.

You will learn from these two sessions’ techniques for regression, cell memory, glove anesthesia, ab-reactions, forgiveness, guilt, and working through anger and rage. Techniques that help develop successful hypnosis for pain practice.

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