Weight Loss Training Workshop on DVD


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Nothing is left out of this program.
Have the tools and knowledge you need to run a successful weight loss program using proven hypnotherapy techniques. This program will help adjust the mind to have a great attitude towards losing weight.
If you are a personal trainer, work at a weight loss clinic, hospital or work with diabetics looking to give your clients or patients an edge on losing weight and keeping with a program this program will help you greatly!
Also included in this program are some extremely simple methods to reduce calorie intake.


  • 4 Client Sessions on DVD
  • Complete step by step workbook Explaining hypnosis, convincers, client hand outs, scripts, and more for 4 sessions
  • Workbook includes a 4-part nutrition training to match each session
  • Subliminal weight loss bio-rhythmic music CD
  • Data CD That includes everything you receive written.
  • Portions Distortion Booklet
  • Client hand out booklet
  • PowerPoint presentation on how to do a hospital based group weight management program that can be adapted to any type group. Book includes every thing you need to prepare and conduct 4 successful sessions of hypnosis that includes:Four sessions that guides you through:- The interview
    – Explaining hypnosis
    – Taking a proper breath for enhancing trance
    – The magnetic fingers for revealing resistance and enhancing induction
    – The lemon convincer to create a biological, physiological response
    – Revealing the clients primary to keep on track with guided imagery
    – A question of time that explores how to move from past emotions
    – Writing the script using basic assessment questionnaire
    – Ten questions that reveal the hypnotizability of your client
    – Learn the 5 simple suggestions for guaranteed weight loss
    – Ron’s super fast PR induction that bypasses the critical factor
    – Guided imagery metaphors as you’ve never experienced before
    – It starts with self esteem and never stops
    – Use the emergence to start self-hypnosis & forgiveness training – Each session has an accompanied nutrition sectionThat was just the first session.

    Session’s 2-4 teach you how to use hypnosis, suggestion, phrasing, fractionization, metaphors and self-hypnosis to guarantee success with every client.



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