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Train the Trainer NGH CI Training


March 12-16, 2018

Printable Brochure
Application for Train the Trainer Code of Ethics for Train the Trainer

If you Qualify and if you have the Ambition, Expectancy, Focus, Effort, Attitude and the right Environment you will be successful as a NGH CI.

Use your experience, desire and passion to teach others hypnosis through the NGH Certified Hypnosis Instructor Course!

Learn how to be a trainer and inspire individual initiative in others.

To apply for this course, complete the following:


  1. Download and complete the Train the Trainer intake form then follow the instructions on the form. Click here to download the Application form
  2. 2. Ron Eslinger will contact you via email to schedule a phone interview.
  3. 3. If your application is approved you will receive instructions via email on how to complete your application and registration by making payment to the NGH.

Also please check out the NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists) Code of Ethics

To contact our office about this course please:

Call (866) 312-3159 or Email

This course is designed for graduates of the 100 hour NGH Certified Hypnotist (CH) Course using all NGH course materials.

If you did not receive the NGH course materials from your original Hypnosis Certification training it is advised that you complete a NGH Certification Course.

To qualify for this training the following are strongly recommended if you live in the U.S. Some requirements may be waved for foreign attendees.

Qualifying Requirements for Ron Eslinger’s NGH, TTT, CI Course

  • Complete Application
  • Be an active member of NGH for minimum of one year
  • Attended at least one NGH August Convention if living in the U.S.
  • Graduate of an NGH Hypnosis Certification Course
  • Be a practicing hypnotists for over 1 year at time of application with proof of a minimum of 25 clients with a variety of issues.
  • Be a Board Certified Hypnotist (BCH) or completed the application and the Essay portion of the application.
  • Have a business address
  • Know your state’s laws concerning hypnosis and hypnosis schools.
  • Have a Business Card and Brochure
  • Sign the CI the Code of Ethics

Please make arrangements for a review course prior to the NGH Certified Instructor Course if your original certification is through a different organization or if you did not receive all NGH course materials.

Tuition is ONLY $1995.00

Payable to the National Guild of Hypnotists prior to Training start date.

For payment details contact the National Guild of Hypnotists:

Call 603-429-9438

Board Certification is through the National Guild of Hypnotists is strongly encouraged for All Certified Instructor applicants.

Ron Eslinger
, CAPT USN Retired, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, Board Certified Hypnotist, and Certified Master Instructor.

Recipient of:

  • Hypnosis Research Award 2003
  • Ormond McGill Chair for best presenter of the year 2004
  • Recipient of the Order of the Braid 2006
  • Lifetime Achievement Award 2007
  • Hypnotism Hallmark Award,
  • Instructor of the Year 2008

“A real-life educational experience! Very down to earth and highly useful. This courses teaches you to teach. Not a review of what I already know. Ron brings out each students strength to others while at the same time addressing their weakness and turning the weakness around. Very personalized attention to each student. An absolutely awesome experience.” – Robert Bass ‐ Beebe, Arkansas

What you will receive from NGH:

  • Instructor manual
  • All course materials your students receive
  • DVD ‐ Many Benefits of the NGH by Dr. Dwight Damon
  • Mega Marketing DVD Part 1 and Part 2 by Don Mottin
  • Mega Marketing booklet by Don Mottin
  • Motivation for Hypnotherapists by Dick Harte
  • Pendulum
  • Scripts
  • Certification Certificate
  • Hypnosis Recollections by Dr. Dwight F. Damon

What you will receive from Healthy Visions – American School for Clinical Hypnosis – International

  • Syllabus and instruction on how to train and how to be an effective public speaker on CD by Ron Eslinger (that you can copy for your students)
  • Scripts
  • Articles
  • Electronic records
  • eBooks
  • marketing tools
  • A royalty free music CD that you can copy for your students
  • A syllabus on how to teach by creating
  • The Ice breaker
  • Organization
  • Getting to and sticking to the point
  • How to say so they can understand it
  • How to use body language to teach
  • Using vocal variety
  • How to research your course
  • How to and what visual aids should be used
  • How to empower yourself and your students
  • How to inspire individual initiative in yourself and your students
  • PowerPoint Presentation you can use to explain hypnosis to medical professionals and civic groups to increase class size and your personal income


Accredited by the National Guild of Hypnotists

Successful graduates are designated as Certified Instructors by the National Guild of Hypnotists, the oldest and largest organization of its kind with members across the U.S. and in more than 25 countries.

Tax Deductible Tuition

Treasury regulation 1.1625 normally permits an income deduction for educational expenses (including registration fees, travel, meals, and lodging), for courses taken to improve or maintain skills required in business employment. Check your eligibility with an accountant.

Class Location

Healthy Visions Training Center
351 Market Street

Clinton, TN

Phone: 865-269-4616

Airport information:

Knoxville McGhee-Tyson Airport code (TYS) 35 minutes from Clinton.
When registration is received, you will be sent a full registration packet with accommodations, Airport info, Area Attractions, and pre-course preparation materials.

Please Schedule Flights for 3:00pm or later.

Directions to Healthy Visions – American School of Clinical Hypnosis, International

351 Market Street, Clinton, TN 37716 Phone: 865-269-4616

Address to the Free Parking Lot behind our Office for GPS
322 Commerce Street, Clinton, TN 37716

McGhee Tyson to Hotels: Start out going Southwest. Turn Slight Left onton Terminal Loop. Merge onto US-129 N/TN-115 N toward Knoxville / Oak Ridge. Merge onto I-40 E toward I-275 North/Asheville/Lexington. Merge onto I-275 North via Exit 387A toward Lexington. I-275 North becomes I-75 North. Take the TN-61 exit, Exit 122, toward Norris/Clinton. Turn Left onto TN-61 West/Andersonville Hwy.

Hotels to Healthy Visions: Turn onto North Charles G Seivers Blvd/TN-61. Turn Right onto E. Church Street. Turn Right onto Commerce Street to Free Parking Lot. (This is the back of our building)

Lexington, KY to Hotels: I-75 South to Exit 122 Clinton/Oak Ridge. Turn Right onto TN-61 West/Andersonville Hwy.

Area Hotels

Holiday Inn Express – 865-457-2233
111 Hillvale Road
Clinton, TN 37716

Hampton Inn – 865-690-8070
105 Hillvale Road
Clinton, TN 37716

Comfort Inn – 865-457-2255
120 Welcome Lane
Clinton, TN 37716


I attended Ron Eslinger Train the Trainer course at his temple of Hypnosis, Healthy Visions in Clinton, Tennessee, in April 2017.Clinton is small old pleasant village full of antiques and cafes think Las Vegas without the Casinos, Hotels, Bars, Clubs, buildings and people.

I chose to take a journey involving six Airport stops, 24 hours flying and travelling hours from Ireland, because I wanted to train with the very best. I wanted to be trained by someone with significant experience who walks the talk and practises what they preach in terms of methods, who possesses a proven established track record, a dynamic structured way of approaching hypnotherapy   that also embraces creativity.

I also wished to train with someone who is very successful. Ron has his own booming hypnotherapy and training practice and is clearly a very astute business person with a range of trainings, published books, specialised manuals, DVDs and accessories available for sale at his training facility.

My experience met and exceeded my expectations on all counts.  Ron’s attention to detail is reflected in all aspects of his training.  Generosity and openness is a constant theme.  Stocks of refreshments, drinks, snacks of all varieties are constantly replenished.  Indeed Ron, he will call you out on not using these facilities.

If there is something you need not in his larder he will send out for it, nothing ever proved too much even milk from a cow.

His staff lead by his Princess Lena are obviously happy in their work, welcoming, friendly and clearly adore the boss man, they breakfast together, lunch together, watch daily episodes of Lost in Paradise.

I was impacted and inspired by a culture of a united family committed to delivering a professional disciplined training who really care about you ,  while managing to ensure there is fun along the way.  On my first morning Ron’s wife called to my hotel to check in and ensure I had all I needed.

Be under no illusion Ron is a tough, disciplined instructor he does not do bull or let you off hook.  Perhaps that is to be expected considering his distinguished military background.  He pushes you hard, he pushed himself even harder which encourages and inspires you to keep up with him.

He also possesses a refreshing humbleness despite his 40 years’ experience and legend status in hypnotherapy, his youthful enthusiasm, his dedication to ongoing learning makes it clear he lives learning and that sharing generously knowledge is a daily blessing for himself and his students collectively.

When Ron speaks, you listen.  On top of the NGH Guild Manual he generously shares with you with his own resources, his personal experiences supported by his additional library and collection of templates, videos, scripts, books, reading lists and online resources.

I feel privileged to have trained with, been certified with and got to know one of the true legends of the Hypnosis world – Ron Eslinger.

Ron’s unique background and experience cannot and I believe will not be replicated in our life time.

His inspiration, passion and dedication to teaching and sharing all he knows about hypnotherapy is something you take away in your heart forever.

Ron repeated mantras that encourage and inspire you not to be another Ron Eslinger, rather to believe in and back yourself, evolve to embrace your own unique attributes into your practice.

At the same time, I have found you don’t simply leave Ron when you depart Healthy Visions, Clinton.

What Ron does leave you with an embedded self-resource auto suggestion of asking yourself what would Ron say or do?

And as part of his ongoing support and commitment to you each graduate is given a unique email code identifier that they can at any time reach out to Ron directly for advice, guidance you may require on your onward journey.

I have no doubts among Ron finest published books one which provides both a commentary and outline on the methods of great Coue (1857-1926) the Father of optimistic autosuggestion brings a smile to the face of the great French man as he observes Ron from above every day in every way getting better and better.




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