Sweet Dreams


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Sweet Dreams
on Audio CD
M. Ron Eslinger, RN, CRNA, APN, MA, BCH, CMI, FNGH
Captain United States Navy Retired

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Audio CD

Caution: Do not listen to this App While driving.

Meditation is an effective way to relax and reduce anxiety. By progressively concentrating on different areas of the body and imagining physical relaxation, mental relaxation will follow. Mental relaxation itself is an altered state and helps the mind and body to be more responsive to suggestions & learning.
Tests at Iowa State University found that biorhythmic music alone speeded up learning by 24% and increased memory retention by 26%. Purdue University found and reported there seemed to be more “magic” in music than anticipated when integrated into the learning process. This App also contains vibrational tones and suggestions in the background to stimulate the bodies learning and healing frequencies.

Underlying suggestions that repeat continually on this audio track.
I am having Sweet Dreams, I am having Pleasant dreams, I am having a good night, Good night, good night, I am restfully sleeping, Happy sleep, Each breath brings peaceful sleep, Peacefully sleeping, I am feeling safe and secure, I am breathing easily, I am having sweet dreams, Happy dreams, Sleep, sleep, sleeping, sleeping, sleeping, Waking when I should.

Five Critical Features for Relaxation

Place: Find a quiet room where you can work undisturbed.
Position: To learn progressive relaxation, all parts of your body must be comfortably supported. Find a bed, a couch, or a recliner.
Clothing: Wear loose clothing.
Time: Designate about fifteen minutes daily. Try to schedule a fixed time everyday so you won’t forget to do your progressive relaxation.
Focus: Try to focus on the particular sensations that come from letting go of tension.

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