Preparing Clients for Electromyography (EMG)


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Learn How to make client’s
EMG more comfortable

3 sessions on DVD
preparing a client for EMG by teaching them how to relax away their fear and


You may get a client who
has been scheduled for electromyography. This is an examination of the
muscles and nerves. For this test, the patient will undergo a neurological
exam, nerve conduction studies, and electromyography. The results from this
examination help the doctor learn if the symptoms or pain is due to muscle or
nerve disease. These procedures also help evaluate the severity of the

There is no special
preparation for the patient, however, because of the pain and length of the
procedure, hypnosis is an excellent way to help clients have a more comfortable
and satisfactory procedure.

Electromyography can
take up to 3 hours using a fine, sterile needle which is inserted into the
muscle. During the insertion, the patient feels discomfort similar to that of
taking a blood sample. Patients are asked to relax, but not taught how, and do
slight muscle contractions. The most painful part of the procedure is the
electrical impulse sent into the muscle to make the muscle contract. It
often takes two visits to complete the procedure and many patients refuse to
return for the follow up visit because of the pain involved. Patients may even
have a bruise or soreness at the needle stick site.

Hypnosis is the best
treatment available for preparing patients for medical, surgical and
dental procedures so learn how to do it well.

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