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The Pain/Brain Connection explains the relationship of Hypnosis to the Limbic System and its connection to Chronic Pain Management.Increase your skills or simply learn more about hypnosis as a tool in Chronic Pain Management.

The Pain / Brain Connection on DVD

On This DVD:


1. Introduction

2. The Pain/Brain Connection
3. The Limbic System
4. The Amygdala
5. The Hippocampus
6. Hypothalamus
7. Cortisol
8. Why Hypnosis
9. Coue’s Law

10. Catastrophizing

11. Pain Cycle
12. Procedures
13. The First Session
14. Second Session
15. Third Session
16. Releasing Anger and Rage
17. Self Hypnosis


Hypnosis For Pain Management Certification On DVD
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I bought your the Pain/Brain Connection and it is great!! thanks!

-Joyce (Hill Flynn)


Recently, I ordered “The Pain/Brain Connection” DVD from you, at only $19.95, it was a real value. In fact, I would say it is underpriced based on the value of the information I received from it.

I just ordered three more from you. I will be making it required homework for clients I see who come to me to help them change their perception of pain and to replace the pain with a perception of comfort and health. Our perception of reality is our reality. This is one of the things I taught to my students and protégées when I was a corporate trainer.

 The reason I ordered three? In case someone likes it so much they “forget” to return it to my library.

The DVD is excellent and professionally done. It should be required of all medical personnel and students entering the field of medicine.

Thanks for making it available.


Look for, expect, and find something good-every day!

Best regards,

William C. Smith, Alpha Process Coach, BCH


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