In the Zone: In the Batters Box


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In The Zone: In The Batter’s Box
By M. Ron Eslinger, RN, CRNA, APN, MA, BCH, CMI, FNGH
Captain United States Navy Retired

2 Disk To Inspire Individual Initiative

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Audio CD

CD #1
Ron Takes You In The Zone with Guided Imagery To Gain More Confidence in batting using Alpha Tones, Underlying subliminal suggestions and high frequency suggestions for effective internal vibration for maximum affect.
Sound effects stimulate the imagination and the senses for an overwhelming feeling of confidence and accomplishment.
You will be so amazed at your feeling of power and accomplishment! You will not THINK you can. YOU will KNOW you CAN!

This CD was created for a 13 year Old boy who was a great ball player, but had not had a hit in 6 ball games. After using this App his next game resulted in a triple, a single and a walk. He was in the ZONE in the Batters Box. You can be too!

CD # 2
Bio-Rhythmic Music with Underlying Subliminal Messages both in low volume but also with increased frequency like a dog whistle to vibrate the suggestions through the ear and into the subconscious mind.
For Confidence AND Concentration WHILE BATTING… Listen to anytime… anyplace… a wonderful sleep aid while getting in the subconscious for confidence for hitting.
The Subliminal suggestions on this App are Unique in that they parrot the suggestion on Disk one which was created specifically to create a relationship with the batter and the entire game with a focus on hitting by allowing the bat to be an extension of the hand in the same manner the glove is.

The Creator
Ron Eslinger is an Advanced Practice Nurse a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, Board Certified Hypnotists, and Certified Master Instructor with the National Guild of Hypnotists. Ron is also a Fellow National Council for Hypnotherapy United Kingdom. He has published and lectured internationally on matters of hypnosis and anesthesia for both civilian and military organizations. He served as Director, Knoxville Center for Clinical Hypnosis for three years, President of Pro-Ed Seminars for two years and is a Past President, Virginia Association of Nurse Anesthetists and served as President Elect Tennessee Nurses Association.
He is a Retired Navy Captain served as a Senior Nurse Anesthetist, Senior Nurse Executive and Senior Hospital Executive for the Navy. The recipient of the 2003 National Guild of Hypnotists research award and 2004 presenter of the year. Ron is the owner and CEO of Healthy Visions Wellness Center, Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Ron serves as adjunct faculty Roane State College, Tennessee.

Five Critical Features for Relaxation
Place: Find a quiet room where you can work undisturbed.
Position: To learn progressive relaxation, all parts of your body must be comfortably supported. Find a bed, a couch, or a recliner.
Clothing: Wear loose clothing.
Time: Designate about fifteen minutes daily. Try to schedule a fixed time everyday so you won’t forget to do your progressive relaxation.
Focus: Try to focus on the particular sensations that come from letting go of tension.

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