Hypnosis in Pediatric Practice


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Hypnosis in Pediatric Practice: Imaginative Medicine in Action
By Laurence Sugarman

This 70-minute DVD demonstrates the use of a variety of hypnotic techniques with children. The use of hypnosis can comfort children and adolescents during procedures, injections and examinations, and help them to manage stress and cope with chronic disease.

The DVD includes eight actual sessions with children ranging from age 7 through age 16 and clearly shows the benefits to both child and their family. Presenting symptoms include:

  • the relief of migraines
  • asthma control
  • enuresis (bed-wetting)
  • recurrent abdominal pain
  • juvenile migraines and muscle tension headaches
  • needle phobia
  • traumatic leukemia therapy

Included with the DVD is a 32-page Learning Guide which includes complete clinical summaries of all of the cases presented as well as a series of key discussion points, recommended reading materials as well as organizations offering professional training in clinical hypnosis.

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